5 sites to buy a used vehicle

buy a used vehicle

With more than 320,000 advertisements to its credit, La Centrale ranks number 1 among used vehicle sites. In addition to being able to find what you’re looking for when it comes to cars, lacentrale.fr offers you many services such as the mechanical warranty – effective in enhancing the value of the car and reassuring the future buyer – or even Autovizia which allows you to trace the history of the vehicle for all those registered In France. La Centrale also provides real advice for all buyers and sellers who have questions about, for example, how to avoid scamsor how to beautify your car to sell it better. A little extra: the “Professional Directory” section which lists car , utility and leisure professionals.

Aramisauto, the site of reliability

With nearly 1,700 listings, aramisauto.com is one of the most reliable sites for buying a used car. Search by brand, model, price and even by type of fuel or equipment, the site is clear and functional . The second strong point of Aramisauto: vehicle recovery . First estimate your car online or in an agency and receive a firm offer. In less than 24 hours, your vehicle can be taken back and paid for! The technical control is not even compulsory… Good to know!

AutoVisual, offers all over Europe

The advantage of the AutoVisual site : its ads do not only come from France but from all over Europe . Inevitably, that makes for offers… 10,000 referenced every day to be exact! The bonus: you can set criteria during your search to only receive offers that meet your needs. You can even be notified instantly , as soon as a published ad meets your choices! Autovisual.com is also able to identify good deals by offering you used vehicles below their market price . Not bad is not it ?

The right corner, the cheapest offers

Having become the leading automobile site in France , Le bon coin is full of advertisements for new and used vehicles. More than 25,000 deals deal exclusively in second-hand cars. Something to satisfy everyone’s desires! Good news for the most economical among you, know that it is here that we find, in a global way, the lowest offers in terms of price . However, beware of false announcements and hoaxes. Better to be careful and vigilant if you don’t want to be fooled!

Reezocar, the specialized network

Just like its friend AutoVisual, the French start-up Reezocar makes it possible to buy a used vehicle in France but also everywhere in Europe. Reezocar.com also offers leasing a car , that is to say for a period of 2 to 5 years, with the possibility of buying the vehicle at the end of the contract. With over 7 million listings , owning a used car has never been easier! With its network of 4,000 specialists across France and Europe, Reezocar guarantees you the purchase of a certified vehicle in complete safety and transparency. We’re going, right?

Jean Lain Occasions, your car delivered to your home

Since 1966, the Jean Lain dealer network has continued to grow physically throughout the Rhône-Alpes region. This Savoyard group now has more than 25 second-hand centers and sells more than 15,000 vehicles a year , or one car every ten minutes.

For the quality of his services and his commitment, Jean Lain has received several labels such as Audi occasion: plus, Das WeltAuto, Toyota Occasions, Low’Caz or Hyundai i-Best. A guarantee of security for second-hand car buyers who go to Jean Lain Occasions . The great strength of this structure is to systematically deliver a clean vehicle, serviced in the dealership with a guarantee ranging from 6 to 36 months depending on the brand.

The other advantage of Jean Lain Occasions is to also offer you a tailor-made trade-in and financing service to facilitate the purchase of your future vehicle. The icing on the cake, you no longer have to travel to pick up your car because Jean Lain delivers it to you within 5 days anywhere in Metropolitan France.

Need to pick up the vehicle away from home or directly at the garage ? Ector accompanies you in your purchase thanks to its vehicle delivery service available everywhere in France but also internationally .  We are committed to delivering your vehicle within two days (allow 24 hours in Ile-de-France

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