The advantages of the electric bike

electric bike

The advantages of the electric bike on daily urban routes are so numerous that it is sometimes difficult to understand how it is not developing faster in France. Journeys of less than 7.5 km, which are done faster in town with an electric bike, represent more than half of the kilometers traveled each year in France by vehicles that pollute.

The advantages of the e-bike

This price may seem high compared to a first-price non-electric bike from supermarkets at less than €100, but it will still be more economical: no petrol or diesel to move the electric bike forward, no insurance costs also mandatory  on an electric bike.

Now suppose you decide one New Year’s Eve to sell your car and test  the electric bike for five years  to go to work.

You live in the Sacré Coeur and you go to Place de la Concorde.

You make the trip twice a day, which gives you a total of 16 km per day and one hour of moderate exercise.

The cost over 5 years including recharging the battery, the depreciation of the bike is estimated at 2100 € (12 cts per km)

Now suppose you haven’t made a good resolution and you prefer to drive the trip.

You live in the Sacré Coeur and you go to Place de la Concorde.

You make the trip twice a day, which gives you a total of 18.4 km per day and one hour and twenty minutes of driving.

We will not take into account the time to find a parking space because it is assumed that you have parking on departure and arrival

The cost over 5 years including petrol, insurance, maintenance , depreciation is estimated at 8000 € (average cost of a sedan about 40 cts per km).

And as the example taken is in Paris, know that you benefit from a subsidy  of 400 euros for the purchase of an electric bicycle, which reduces its purchase cost by 20 to 25%.

A rock-solid battery

The battery life of electric bikes can go up to 200 km and can be recharged in a few hours on a simple electrical outlet in your office, for example. These semi-passive batteries save energy since the motor of the electric bike only works when you pedal . It cuts out when you brake, stop pedaling or exceed 25 km/h. Any specific questions about this? Find more information on our dedicated advice page on the autonomy of the lithium battery of an electric bike .

Ecology and electric bike

Cycling can be dangerous but polluting the planet, maybe it isn’t?

In a context where the notion of pollution is increasingly present, choosing to ride an electric bike is an  ecological gesture  and  directly contributes to the fight against global warming  ! The massive use of electric bicycles in France would be very good news for the environment.

Indeed, the electric bike contributes to the  decongestion of cities  (less traffic jams) and  reduces the level of pollution in the city center.  The VAE emits very  few greenhouse gases ,  fine particles and is not noisy (and therefore does not cause noise pollution).

Also, the batteries of electric bikes are  recyclable. And if you are against nuclear electricity choose a contract that assures you that the energy consumed is produced by wind turbines. It’s a little more expensive but we assume our positions.

Faster than car and city bus

In an urban context, the average speed of a car is 18km/h and 17km/h for the bus. The electric bike, although having less engine power on board, at an average of 20km/h in town . Faster and more pleasant , the electric bike allows you to reduce travel time between home and work by avoiding traffic jams, and your travel time is no longer dependent on strikes.

You are not looking for a parking space for three hours, which can very often pay off (and sometimes very expensive!). Just like a classic bike , your electric bike can be easily parked anywhere, with an effective and secure lock, as well as a solid support, preferably without disturbing other road users.

Still not convinced? The studies are formal: the more bicycles there are, the fewer accidents there are. So quick, saddle up!

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