Towing your car: how does it work and at what cost?

Towing your car

Disaster: your car has broken down and you find yourself on the side of the road, immobilized. You will have to manage the repair of your vehicle. Which professional do you turn to? What are the rates charged? Can you tow your vehicle yourself? We give you all the answers.

There are two different types of intervention when you call on a professional in the event of a breakdown:

Simple troubleshooting : the professional can carry out the repairs at the place of immobilization and you can leave with your car immediately after his intervention;

Repairs requiring towing : if the professional is unable to carry out the repairs at the place of immobilization, he will be forced to repatriate your car to the garage.

What is the cost of recovery/towing?

The price of a repair/towing is generally between 100 and 300 € and depends on several criteria:

The distance to travel to the vehicle. As an indication, here is a range of prices practiced according to the distance travelled:

The regulations in force stipulate that if you break down on a motorway, only an approved company is authorized to intervene. Intervention prices are regulated according to two criteria:

As part of an on-site repair:

In the context of a repair requiring towing:

The rates change according to the type of vehicle and the time at which you call the repairman:

Good to know

In the context of towing, the repairman takes care of moving your vehicle either to its own garage, or at your request, to a place located less than 5 km from the motorway exit (or the expressway ).

How do I call a tow truck? Who to contact?

When you break down on the motorway, you must use the emergency terminals to call an approved company, authorized to carry out repairs on the express lane.

In any other situation, contact your insurer to refer you to an approved repairman .

Did you know ?

Since April 1 , 2018, all new vehicles have been equipped with eCall  : an on-board emergency call system. In the event of an accident, the system calls the emergency services via the European number 112. The call can be triggered manually by you by pressing the dedicated button, or automatically if the system has detected the accident itself.

Is it allowed to tow a car with a bar?

The decree of September 30, 1975 relating to the evacuation of broken down or damaged vehicles governs the framework in which you can carry out the towing of your vehicle yourself. Among other things, it predicts the speed at which you can drive based on the braking characteristics of the tow vehicle and the disabled vehicle.

Good to know

According to article R. 411-8 of the highway code, prefects and mayors can set more stringent measures concerning the towing of damaged vehicles. You can therefore be fined if the police control you and believe that you represent a risk to yourself or others on the road.

Towing a broken down car is a risky step that you should not take lightly. To achieve this, you must follow certain essential safety rules:

Use an approved tow bar;

Be two drivers with a driving licence: one at the wheel of the towing vehicle; the other at the wheel of the vehicle to be repaired;

The vehicle to be towed must be lighter than the towing vehicle;

It is strongly recommended that you do not tow a vehicle with automatic transmission yourself . Indeed, the technical characteristics of a car with BVA (automatic gearbox) are such that you risk inflicting additional damage on it. Call a repairman.

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