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Breaking down and calling a tow truck is a source of stress. What about the competence and honesty of these professionals? Rest assured, the bad reputation of these Saint Bernards of the road is largely usurped and in the majority of cases, their professionalism and benevolence will convince you

Managing an auto claim: accident, vandalism, theft, compensation

What is a tow truck?

The repairman-tug is a profession in its own right in the automotive sector, it requires specific qualities necessary to optimize the tasks, whether in the interest of the customer (support) or for the sustainability of the company (choice means of intervention and appropriate decisions).

Nature of the work

The towing repairer intervenes following a breakdown of a vehicle or an accident immobilizing it on the road or motorway. Its interventions can be requested:

By the owner of the broken down vehicle. It is then a breakdown on the road and it is advisable to ask for the terms and rates of breakdown assistance.

By insurance and assistance companies. In this case, the repairman, in contract with the insurance company, must comply with certain clauses (time of intervention, services such as the care of the occupants of the vehicle or their reception on its premises, etc.).

By motorway companies or the public force . Here again, the procedures are well defined for towing assistance .

The typical profile of the wrecker-tug

If the comparison may seem daring, the job of tow truck operator has a lot in common with first aid (he often works in symbiosis with them). In fact, in the event of a breakdown or accident, the tow truck operator must:

Make an initial diagnosis of the type of breakdown by telephone, to select the appropriate breakdown vehicle (car transporter, breakdown van, etc.), prepare the tools and spare parts suitable for carrying out the breakdown.

Mark out the premises and secure the occupants.

On site, assess the causes of the breakdown and decide whether to repair on site or tow the vehicle.

After towing or breakdown assistance in its workshop or any other place designated by the customer, proceed with the establishment of the repair order for the billing service.


Coming from various branches that have given him a good foundation in car mechanics (CAP car repairer, Bac pro car repairer, etc.), the effectiveness of the tow truck operator will be revealed mainly in the field, where the following qualities will be necessary:

autonomy; analytical skills allowing him to make quick decisions;

theoretical knowledge to control electrical and electronic breakdowns of modern cars;

rigor and method for diagnosis, but also for carrying out towing and safety operations for the customer;

sense of contact and psychology for the questioning of the client and for his comfort.

Here is the list of diplomas allowing access to the activity of tow truck operator:

Good to know  :  Decree No. 2019-14 of January 8, 2019 defines the national professional certification framework (CNPC) in eight levels (from 1 to 8, from the lowest level to the highest level), intended to replace the previous classification in five levels (from I to V, from the highest level to the lowest level). This new classification, which entered into force in January 2019, will be fully effective on January 1 ,  2020.


Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP Expert Technician, Electrician, Automotive Electronics, Confirmed Utility and Industrial Technician, Automotive Specialist Mechanic, etc.)

Branch of Automotive Services (recognized by automotive professionals) equivalent level 4 (formerly IV)

*CFA (Apprentice Training Centre): these establishments offer work-study training. Apprentices sign an apprenticeship contract with a company and follow regular internships in CFA to follow theoretical courses.

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